Web Tank revisited: AgentFrank

Years ago (1996-ish) I envisioned something similar to AgentFrank that I called the "Web Tank" - Tank in the sense of an armored vehicle, but also as a container (I'm fond of double/triple meanings). I never got around to writing it.

I like the description of AgentFrank - it's a strong metaphor: "The goal of Agent Frank is to be a personal intelligent intermediary
and companion to internet infovores during their daily hunter/gatherer
excursions." Sounds delicious!

AgentFrank is actually more comprehensive than my original vision - heck, it includes RDF. Unfortunately, it looks like the project is all-but-dead. My first clue that this is the case is that he refers to using "Avalon Phoenix" as a "future direction". Avalon is dead. The second clue is that the wiki was last updated Nov 2003.

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