Politics: the pleasing symmetry of Bush's policies on Iran and Iraq

Libyan model Shaima in a show in TripoliBush's legacy will not be complete unless he manages to start a third war, hopefully preemptively, and hopefully soon, with Iran. And there's a pleasing symmetry to it. Let me explain.

Today Bush has taken a hopeful step toward attacking Iran by taking an NIE report that states that Iran had abandoned it's nuclear weapon ambitions 4 years ago and turning it into a confrontation, because Iran hasn't admitted that it had a nuclear program 4 years ago. (You can read about it at the BBC World News.)

Well that's cool. We attacked Iraq because we thought they might attack us with WMD in the future. We may as well attack Iran because they might have attacked us with WMD in the past. I think you'll agree there's a kind of pleasing symmetry there.

In another twist of irony, Ahmadinejad hailed the US Intelligence report as "announcing a victory for the Iranian nation in the nuclear issue against all international powers". What happened to not believing anything the "Great Satan" says? Man, they really don't make tyrants like they used to.

The woman in the photo is modeling Libyan fashion; militaristic, yet alluring don't you think?

(Sometimes when you wake up and find yourself in the Twilight Zone, you might as well go with it.)

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