A ten fold increase in Li-Ion energy density; the unheralded revolution

Researchers at Stanford have developed technology to increase the energy density of Li-Ion batteries ten-fold.

I don't understand why this is not all over the news. It will change
the world. This is not about allowing business people to work for 100%
of their flight, as the article suggests. This is about making semi-autonomous devices. This is
about making an electric car with a 2000 mile range. Cell phones that need to be recharged once a week.

This is HUGE.


SethAEaker said...

check out rothmotors.com they have a scooter that uses this technology I think!

josh said...

Thanks for the link, Seth! I think that Roth is using batteries from a123systems.com which use something called "nanophosphate" technology. I'm not sure what it is, but I don't think it's the same carbon nanotube thing referenced in the post because the lead scientist on that project is only now beginning to commercialize it.