Things we think we can handle, but can't.

So I've been collecting sets of ideas. One set is all the unintuitive physical things in the world (like tops that don't fall down, or bubbles coming out of water when you heat it - this in response to a guy who criticized special relativity for being 'unintuitive'.). It occurs to me that I would like to collect other ideas as well, particularly very off-putting experiences, especially ones where you might thing "oh, that's no biggie" but it turns out to be quite disorienting. Here are two:
  1. Rotate your screen 90 degrees and try to use your mouse. Whoah! (Particularly easy to try on a tablet which has a built in button for this; however, most graphics displays offer rotation these days). It's almost impossible to use.
  2. Rotate one arm until the elbow and palm are facing up, top of the hand on a hard surface (for most people there is only one direction in which this works). Now look at your fingers and start moving them while watching. It's deeply strange.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you were 'doing' when you did the move your fingers bit, but it doesn't appear strange to me. Of course, I am just drinking lemonade!! LOL

josh said...

Hmm. That's a good point. I wasn't drinking, but I was doing some counting or "do something from left to right" kind of exercises. I'll try to remember and edit the post to clarify.