Personal: Year in Review

  • Learned to corner well on my motorcycle
  • Learned to do a decent "warrior 2" - thanks to Omadawn
  • Learned to take better photographs
  • Didn't manage to meditate every day, but working on it
  • Started drinking. Quit drinking.
  • Won a few pool tournaments
  • Wrote some code.
  • Had a great time working at Blizzard.
  • Didn't get addicted to WoW - thankfully!
  • Got addicted to coffee - thanks Bogarts!
  • Discovered the Best Hummus in the World (Sunnin)
  • Having a great time at a secret Startup 2.0
  • Learned about sublime love
  • Learned about terrible love
  • Got seduced by a beautiful woman during a lunar eclipse.
  • Got rid of a lot of junk and organized my Seal Beach apt. thanks to my sister and brother-in-law.
  • Got an iPhone, love it
  • Got a scented oil burner, love it
  • Procrastinated on my taxes
  • Burma broke my heart
  • Lost friends
  • Made friends
  • Favorite book/movie/music: The Peaceful Warrior/Ratatouille/She Wants Revenge
A good year.

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