Review: Amazon Affiliates Program

I don't use it all that much. Why? I can never remember my affiliate code, and even if I did I'd probably be too lazy to put it on the links. It could be a nice source of revenue, as they pay 4% on general stuff, 6% on gift cards, and 10% on Kindle stuff.

My Affiliate id is adventuinbaby-20. I'll go ahead and add a few widgets here.

(Note that this greasemonkey script would be very easy to adapt as a template script that would add your affiliate code to all Amazon links in the page. However, I like the idea of just inserting the product name into the search widget. No, you don't get a pretty picture but you make the process simple for the author.)

(Note: adding widgets to this post made the entire blog not load correctly. It seemed like an HTML parsing problem on Blogger's side.)

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