Thinkpad software woes

First, I have to give props: IBM (well, Lenovo I guess) really does a good job including some useful software with their laptops. I like the presentation manager, and the new Access Connections is useful too, and their backup software is excellent as well. Their hardware/software security stuff is top notch. And of course, the Thinkpad is the best business laptop hardware money can buy - they aren't always the fastest, but they take a beating.

But I have to admit being exasperated by some recent issues.

IBM's backup utility "Rescue and Recovery" started crashing on me after System Update updated some other software. But System Update didn't offer an update for R&R. So I went to IBM's site to see wassup - sure enough, there was an update (and a whopping 440M update at that).

So I download the enormous file, and try to install. Turns out it needs Client Security Solution 8.0 or better to install. OK.

So I download that file (another 60M) and try to install. Turns out CSS needs IBM Fingerprint Software 5.5 or better to install. OK.

So I download and install the Fingerprint software. It mostly works, except it wants a BIOS password from me for "TPM" and I have no idea what it is. I pray.

It turned out that password didn't screw everything up, and I installed CSS, and now R&R is installing and I just pray that I have enough disk space to get it all on. I know I won't have enough to defrag (which usually requires about 15% free space).

OK, it's working. I was able to get through this - but heaven help the poor shmo who isn't as tenacious as me.

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