Gmail consistently crashing Firefox

The crash usually happens when I try to navigate away from or close the tab containing Gmail. For now I'm just using Safari for Windows as my Gmail client. (I sent a bug report with logging information. I'm just blogging it in case anyone thinks they're alone on this.)

want: InFocus IN81

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I know! Accumulation is bad, the things you own end up owning you, etc. But the really neat DLP 1080p front projector that would work really well in my 400 sq ft apartment! :)

...then, once I get a PS3 and some great Blu Ray content (especially Ratatouille!) I would be quite pleased.

(The options for content delivery are increasing, and it's hard to choose between them. What with HD Cable, Apple TV, Blu Ray, and DVD (but thankfully not HD DVD anymore! Yay!) it's a tough call. But this article really points out how wonderful Blu Ray is. Of course, the real clincher was seeing Ratatouille on a recent 1080p flatscreen at Fry's.)

Telecom Amnesty

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I agree with Tim Lee of Slate when he writes, "Congress should stop lawbreaking, not reward it—as the Senate's spy bill does."

Tellingly, Clinton did not vote. Obama voted NO. Good for him.

Why the 2008 election will be a joyous celebration

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I am so happy that the election is coming. I would be happy with ANY of the current candidates. Hilary would be fine. Obama is a bit of a risk, but he'd do fine. McCain would do fine. That's why these kinds of articles don't make sense:

BBC NEWS | Americas | Is Obama's momentum unstoppable?

There is no drama to this election. It's a celebration, not matter what the outcome. We can finally say goodbye to a corrupt, violent, and brutally insensitive Bush administration. The next president's most important task will be to restore luster and honor to the presidency, dismantle huge executive branch excesses, and declare an end to the ill-defined, unwinnable, and illegitamate "War on Terror".

America is an honorable, vibrant culture. We are a country of warriors, and scientists, and artists, and teachers, mostly immigrants. We don't do preemptive wars. We don't do torture. We don't have secret military tribunals. We don't spy on our own people. We don't allow our public institutions to become corrupt. We don't ignore the rest of the world. George Bush has done all of these things, and his ouster is a time of great celebration - we can get back in touch with our strong, powerful identity as Americans.

Thank you, President Bush, for taking away my American identity. The old saying is true that you don't know what you have until it's gone. I very much look forward to getting it back.

Logo Evolution!

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Neatorama has a cool post showing how various logos have evolved over time. For example:

Or how about this one:

"In 1930, Goro Yoshida and his brother-in-law Saburo Uchida created
Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in Japan. Four years later,
they created their first camera, called the Kwanon. It was named after the Kwanon, Buddhist Bodhisattva of Mercy. The logo included an image of Kwanon with 1,000 arms and flames."

No wonder I went with Canon instead of Nikon!

My personal vote for most improved:

Free Firefly novel from Steven Brust

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Firefly is a very cool universe with a memorable cast of characters. Steven Brust keeps it alive in his 160-page free fanfic novel.

The Joy of very few safety laws: Chinese New Years

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Brian McNally, philosopher extraordinaire and (temporary) expat to China, took this amazing video of New Years in downtown Beijing.

(When I was in China, I personally enjoyed the high-speed go-kart track that also had a fully stocked bar.)