Why the 2008 election will be a joyous celebration

I am so happy that the election is coming. I would be happy with ANY of the current candidates. Hilary would be fine. Obama is a bit of a risk, but he'd do fine. McCain would do fine. That's why these kinds of articles don't make sense:

BBC NEWS | Americas | Is Obama's momentum unstoppable?

There is no drama to this election. It's a celebration, not matter what the outcome. We can finally say goodbye to a corrupt, violent, and brutally insensitive Bush administration. The next president's most important task will be to restore luster and honor to the presidency, dismantle huge executive branch excesses, and declare an end to the ill-defined, unwinnable, and illegitamate "War on Terror".

America is an honorable, vibrant culture. We are a country of warriors, and scientists, and artists, and teachers, mostly immigrants. We don't do preemptive wars. We don't do torture. We don't have secret military tribunals. We don't spy on our own people. We don't allow our public institutions to become corrupt. We don't ignore the rest of the world. George Bush has done all of these things, and his ouster is a time of great celebration - we can get back in touch with our strong, powerful identity as Americans.

Thank you, President Bush, for taking away my American identity. The old saying is true that you don't know what you have until it's gone. I very much look forward to getting it back.

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