MacBook Pro Retina 15" screen coating is coming off; Apple refuses to fix

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Summary: my very expensive mac laptop's screen coating started to come off in under a year, and Apple refuses to repair it under warranty.

EDIT: The fact is that this is a known problem and other people have got it covered under warranty. So why not me?

EDIT: This is very well-known problem at this point (3/18/2015) there is the "" database, and a lively hacker news discussion about it. There is also a petition, and a facebook group. 

Early last year I bought a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro Retina 15”. It cost about $3500. (I am a professional programmer, and use ever last ounce of this capacity.)

A few months ago, I noticed that the screen coating was starting to come off around the edges. About a week ago, I noticed a spot of missing coating in the middle of the display. 

 Top Bezel Screen Coating Wear

The biggest spot is along the top bezel, which doesn't affect the display.

Center Screen Coating Spot

Notice the spot in the middle of the display. The light spots aren't oil or dirt, it's the screen coating came off.
When the screen is dark (as it is in my preferred Sublime Text mode) it is highly visible, and it’s annoying. “No problem,” I thought, “it’s under warranty and I’ll just bring it into the Apple Store, and they'll make it right." So I made an appointment and went in just this morning (2/5/15).

My appointment was for 11:30am. I got there at 11:25am. I was not seen until 12:10pm.

He asked me a few questions, and seemed particularly interested in whether or not I'd ever used alcohol to clean the display (I hadn't). He took my info, went in the back for about 5 minutes, and came back out and said, "Screen wear is not covered under the AppleCare warranty. You have two options: we can repair it 'in depot' for $288, or we can do it here for $600."

I couldn't believe it! Here it was, plain as day, defective screen coating was coming off within a year, and he was telling me it wasn't covered - with the strong implication that I was somehow to blame. 

This was not damage caused by me, but rather insufficiently strong screen coating that wears quickly, and it is wrong to ask me to pay $300 to fix it. Apple can and should fix it on their dime - and apologize for wasting my time. It's not like Apple is hurting and can't afford to do the right thing: Apple Computer has 40% profitability, $75B in cash reserves (more than the US Government) and here they are nickel-and-diming the people who are critical to their success. That seems like a bad idea to me.