Redundant solutions to single sign on

Atlassian has their own single sign on product called Crowd - but why? CAS does a fine job, and it's free.


Laura said...

That's a good question! We didn't think there were good choices for bug trackers, so we built JIRA. We didn't like the wiki solutions out there, so we built Confluence. Just like those, we were unsatisfied with the existing SSO solutions. They were either too expensive or too complex, sometimes both. Most require extensive professional services customization.

We thought we could do better — cheaper and simpler.

We had wanted to make a product that helped JIRA and Confluence customers manage their user directories from one location. What's interesting is that over half of the people that purchase Crowd don't already use an Atlassian product — they agree that Crowd is different and useful for their SSO needs.

That's what we're hearing so far, but time and popular opinion will tell whether we've succeeded.

josh said...

Thanks for the comment, Laura. So far I really like Atlassian's products - JIRA is way better than SFEE; it installs!

I have no doubt that you guys really do add value to CAS - your 12 months unlimited support is no doubt a lifesaver for many organizations, and worth the cost of entry.