Installing Bugzilla part 2

Well, I got this crazy idea to try to install Bugzilla on Windows using XAMPP.

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I have tried to install Bugzilla on the XAMPP in the folder C:\xampp\htdocs\bugzilla for dates. I used (zipped versions) XAMPP 1.6.3a, XAMPP Lite 1.6.3a, Perl Addon 5.8.8-2.2.4 and Bugzilla 3.0.2 . basically, I unzip the xampp, unzip the bugzilla and follow the quickstart in the bugzilla folder. Is there anybody done that already ... please give me some clues.

Apache Forum :: View topic - Help on Bugzilla
When installing on Windows you follow the instructions from this page under the heading Configure Bugzilla. Most of the Win32 Instructions are for installing the components that you have already done by installing XAMPP. Did you create the database and then create a user for that database using phpMyAdmin? There is instruction on how to obtain free support for installation etc. here: The Win32 FAQ is here: This Google search might help:

But I wanted to do it the easier way, with XAMPP. Downloaded this, with the perl add-on (and the tomcat add-on for good measure).
Ran into some problems running bugzilla's - first, perl couldn't be found (add a symbolic link in /usr/bin/perl to wherever the XAMPP perl addon was installed). Then, the ppm instructions didn't work. This post said that I should use the interactive package manager (very slick BTW). And I did.

But insists that those packages are still not installed, and at this point I'm stuck. Is it possible the interactive installer does something different than the command line? One issue that I had was with cygwin paths versus real windows paths. Perhaps I shouldn't invoke ppm from Cygwin?

The problem is working with perl packages in XAMPP. I can't solve it right now because it's time for sleep.

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alberto said...

yo estoy en la mismas la verdad no tengo idea de como instalarlo como configurar ya sea bugzilla o xampp para la instalacion