Web 2.0, Linux Kernels, and Building FireFox

How about a system where people collaboratively describe the components of their PC for fun (this would especially nice for the anandtech/extremetech/pcgamer crowd). But then this data could be fed into a service that creates custom kernels for people and/or bootable mini distributions maxed out for your machine without all the driver dross in a typical distro. (Of course, this would also be a nice place, like Visual History, to hang other meta data off of, perhaps even organize Linux driver projects like this one or this.)

(This occurred to me as I was looking testing LXR with Kernel sources, and realizing how much of Linux is actually "just" device drivers - 99% of which you don't need ever, and 99.9% you don't need to bootstrap to a system that can download what it needs. The idea also dovetails with an earlier idea to wrap common unix utilities in an easy-to-call document that can autogenerate UIs. That would possibly compete with Webmin and Cpanel, but I haven't written that idea up yet, at least not publicly :)

BTW if you want to build FireFox 3b2 get the sources here. Wow it's 220M uncompressed! How on earth do they compile it down to like 6M? I don't know what it is about this tarball, but it's taking even a fast archiver like 7-Zip like 30 minutes to expand all the files. Weird.

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