Pleasant voices

This isn't about singers, it's about talkers. There are some people who's voices are almost hypnotic. It's a real gift. I've been lucky enough to meet a few of them. I really like the quirky hippy sort, as long as I avoid listening too closely to the content of their words. What is 'pure potentiality'? What is 'collective consciousness'? What is the allure of alliteration to these happy hippies? :)

I dislike jargon; I don't care if it's spiritual or scientific. People hide their ignorance behind jargon. That's why I don't like words when it comes to spiritual stuff. Words are hard enough with scientific stuff - when applied to the spirit, it always comes out sounding like nonsense. "the mass of the body which we think of as hardened mass is really just potentially. what you have is different forms of energy moving in different patterns. what we physically are is mostly potential, space, and only a part of us is being expressed." I kind of get what he's saying, but, not really.

I also dislike the way such people seem to emit all kinds of generalities about the natural world, but would be completely unprepared to back up any of their vague assertions with specific examples. This is especially bad when new age teachers try to pull science into their spiritual teachings. Scientists mean something very specific when they use certain words, and what they mean can always, in principle, be broken down into common sense experiment. A good example is the word "energy". Wow, what an overused word by new age gurus! That and "existance", "field", "consciousness".

My advice: Just meditate. Leave words behind. Appreciate these entrancing guru voices for what they are, hypnotic and soothing, but take the journey yourself. You'll experience some great things which are very hard to describe. But they don't need to be described - what good does it do the listener or the speaker?

(I ran across a nice voice on "Enlightenment Radio" in iTunes - the voice belongs to Steve Sadleir. I love the unselfconciousness with which he says such strange things. Such a voice that also had intellectual rigor would be fearsome indeed!)

(Oh dear, he's now saying that oxygen is he's basically using the phlogisten theory of oxidation/combustion, which has been out for a few hundred years. If you want a physical analogue to prana, then it would probably be ATP, or, more generally, the tendency of an ordered system to release heat when becoming more disordered. Come to think of it, the laws of thermodynamics are so singular that they are basically religious/spiritual in nature anyway. :)

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