The MacBook Keyboard

There are, alas, some keys missing from this keyboard. There is only one delete key, but no backspace. There are no page up page down keys. There is no home or end key (very handy in a text editor). It's funny how you aren't aware of the shortcuts you use until you lose them, such as CTRL+Arrow (move word), or even CTRL+Backspace (delete word) - yes, you can do these with the Option key, but it's funny how off putting the change is. I'm used to doing sequences like "CTRL+X CTRL+V CTRL+Left Arrow".

Home and End are actually very handy ways to get to the beggining and end of a text field - or a document. They are also missing. Sigh. Hopefully I will find a keyboard remapper and map some of the function keys to these badly needed additions. And in the meantime, there is a guide that tells you what shortcuts exist.


Joni said...

Page up/down, Home and End are actually readily available, using fn + arrow keys.

To my delight, I just learned that from

Anonymous said...

One of the most egregious stupidities of the Macbook keyboard -not having an 'end' function. Terrible for anyone having to deal with words on a daily basis. Such as translating etc.
What where they thinking???