jQuery on a CDN - finally

Google was kind enough to host jQuery on a CDN (they also have prototype, mootools, dojo and a few others). While they have a fancy loader script that offers conveniences like optional minification, you can also get the script the "old fashioned way", with something like this:


In truth jQuery just isn't that big (about 15kb) so this isn't really useful for saving bandwidth - it's more useful for improving first-time user usability by reducing their wait time by maximizing simultaneous downloads. Most modern browsers are limited to two connections to a given server, and so spreading the load across many servers is a Good Thing. I'm not sure if this limit has a name, or even an RFC. I do know that the limitation is designed to prevent unintentional DOS attacks.

While I don't see anything particularly nefarious about this, I would like to point out that Google and the Mozilla Foundation (who employ John Resig, author of jQuery) are extraordinarily friendly, and I'm glad Google is performing this service.

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