The stuff that got stolen this weekend.

Well, it appears that there's been a theft this weekend. All told, I'd estimate I lost about $9k worth of stuff:
  1. Photography equipment. Canon 20D + 5 lenses (two of them L lenses), flash, photo backpack, memory cards. Worth about $5k.
  2. Cash. $2k. I feel particularly stupid about this. I had this much cash because I'd returned a computer to Costco, and sold another via craigslist, and was meaning to deposit it in the bank.
  3. Perhaps worst of all, my father's Rolex. It was a rather beat up Submariner, I've worn it perhaps twice, but it was an heirloom. Worth $2k possibly.
  4. An unopened iPod Touch that I'd been meaning to sell on craigslist. $300.
Oddly, they didn't take my laptop (an older Thinkpad) or my Bose Waveradio, or my CDs or even my 21" monitor. I know everything was in place Saturday, but I suspect that they hit me on Sunday when I was out because they didn't take my (brand new) MacBook which was here all day Saturday, but not Sunday. It's telling that they took only stuff that was highly portable (the camera and lenses were in a backpack).

Goodbye camera!

I filed a police report, registered serial numbers and the police have promised to dust for prints, but frankly I doubt they'll find anything - I have very little hope that my stuff will be returned, or the thief caught.

How do I feel? Pissed, mainly. I'm pissed at the loss, and pissed at myself for my stupidity - I left the door unlocked, thinking that my 2nd floor position would protect me, and believing in the basic decency of human beings. The camera and cash are replaceable - the watch is not.

Life kinda sucks right now.

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BlackMarbleConsulting said...

I am so sorry for that. I hope your operation New Leaf Phase II is progressing nicely. When is Phase III?