Jing: A SnagIt alternative for Mac OS X

Wow! One of the big things I've been missing in the switch to OS X is an alternative to the excellent SnagIt, by TechSmith. And I have found it in Jing - a free (SnagIt costs $50) utility that is actually much better than SnagIt. Sweet! (Interestingly TechSmith makes both products.)

There are a couple of features that I rather like above and beyond SnagIt:
  1. A nifty sun on the upper left of the screen that invokes it.
  2. In-place editing of the image
  3. Coordination with IM, web, blog, and email. (capturing and sharing video is particularly slick)
  4. History! (This is an incredibly useful feature that shows all the captures you've recently done, whether to disk or to clipboard.)
Alas, there are two important features missing.
  1. Crop.
  2. Capture window contents.
There are some other SnagIt features that I barely used, like funky capture profiles (capture to printer), scrolling capture, and no doubt a few other things.

But overall I'm pleased.

[I would use Jing to show you how it works, but unfortunately it doesn't capture itself! ]
[I found jing by googling "screen shot osx" and reading a macrumors.com page.]

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