OMG what was Adam Sandler thinking?

Adam Sandlers comedy album Stan and Judy's Kid is the worst thing I've ever had the misfortune to hear. Not only is it slow, it is incredibly profane (expected) and incredibly unfunny (not expected). I'm a huge fan of Sandler's, and just love "What the Hell Happened to Me?" and a few of his other works - but this was just terrible. What's funny about a drunk Bostonian murdering his friends? Or a peeper getting caught by the police (really, that's it)? Or a smooth talking black man who seems to be successful with women - right until he refers to his penis with a stupid (usually disgusting) euphemism?

I literally threw this CD in the trash - I'm not even going to sell it back to a used CD store. The fewer of these things in the world, the better!

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