FreshBooks - looks like a nice invoicing solution for freelancers

Invoicing clients is not my idea of a good time - I'm a programmer, not an accountant. FreshBooks is a service that allows me to create and send invoices with relative lack of pain. (Looks like a Rails app, too). I'm going to try it out and see how it works.

As nice as FreshBooks looks, I'm actually looking for a more comprehensive solution that includes planning and time tracking. However, my needs are quite specific and it's something I'll probably end up writing myself.

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Sunir said...

It's hard to beat BaseCamp + FreshBooks for project planning and time tracking. We integrate pretty cleanly with them.

Just go to Settings in the top right. Under Third Party Services : Import/Export, you'll find Basecamp.

-- Sunir Shah, FreshBooks, Chief Handshaker