A very handy online Javascript reference - quirksmode.com

So, it turns out that doing real app development with GWT doesn't save you from having to learn about JavaScript. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Luckily the "JSNI" feature of GWT (which allows you to write small snippets of JavaScript) is easy to use, and helps to minimize the amount of script you have to write.

Anyway, I'm not a JavaScript person, and I needed to learn a thing or two. Good references are surprisingly hard to find! The first link on Google, for example, is the truly awful javascript.com - not only is it useless, I actually fear getting malware while browsing the site. The local bookstore had the usual suspects, but something told me to stay away from the O'Reilly tome(s) - they are mostly reference and that struck me as rather redundant, given how quickly changing such things tend to be. Luckily I found Peter-Paul Koch's excellent QuirksMode website, which is exactly what I wanted. I like it so much, I bought his book just as a small thank you. He's got a lot of handy tutorials and references which seems perfectly targeted toward someone like me.

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