Installing Bugzilla - step 1, install Jira instead

Installing Bugzilla on Windows could be easier. The kind people at have provided instructions - but sheesh! It's muy complicado.

The instructions are no better for Linux! Sheesh! (How do you upgrade MySQL with cpanel? I have no idea.... Although these instructions are available, they warn it will take an hour. And this is real brain surgery on a working host.)

I did some digging and I think CollabNet will be a better solution. I just need a box for it.

[Update: this post was originally titled "Installing Bugzilla - step 1, install Collabnet instead". Mark, a subversion commiter, kindly pointed me toward SFEE. However, I had problems installing it, and had to look elsewhere. I was able to install Jira without any issues, and I was able to integrate it with Mylyn quite easily. Yes, it is $1200 and that seems like a lot to me, especially without the SCM integration "FishEye", which is another $1200. I'd say a grand for both is reasonable. While shopping for an issue tracker I was interested to note that Joel Spasky makes a bug tracker, too, called FogBugz. It looks like a good product and has per-user licensing ($200/head). It even has a Mylyn connector. But I already installed Jira and I like it!]


Mark Phippard said...

I would suggest installing the SFEE-15 download (from same site). It is even easier than CEE-15 to get started with and has mostly all the same features.

josh said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mark. I saw that SFEE-15 was also available, but wasn't quite clear on the difference with CEE-15. In fact, the impression I got was that they were the exact same thing. :)

josh said...

Hmm well I took your advice Mark, but I can't seem to get it to work. I posted to the forums, but they look pretty low volume and I may never get a response.


One benefit CEE may have is that SFEE is kind of tweaking my brain with the VMWare stuff.

Corey said...

Maybe you are interested in other issue tracker alternatives?

For windows folks who are comfortable with IIS and SQL Server, an easy bug tracker to install is the free and open source BugTracker.NET

(Disclaimer: I'm the author).

josh said...

Unfortunately whatever system I choose will need to be hostable on Linux. I know that there are ways to host ASP applications on Linux, but I'm not too sure about that.

Peter Thomas said...

Maybe JTrac would fit your needs? Free, open source and runs on Linux.