Small Serendipities

The other day I was explaining to a friend the concept behind the "ping of death". I reached for my TCP/IP book and opened it. There in front of me was the page I wanted: the ICMP data structure diagram.

Now, this is not something that I look at a lot - or at all. So it's not like the spine was bent so that I would go to that page. It was just luck.

Yesterday, I was thinking of project names for something, and it involves trees and graphs, and it's in Java, so I thought "Juniper" would be a nice name. I opened my "Field Guide to North American Trees" (a dendrologist's favorite) to look for icon ideas, and what do you know - a juniper was staring back at me (a weeping juniper to be exact).

It happened a third time when a "faith based" person at Socrates Cafe decided that special relativity and spacetime was unChristian. His arguments were not convincing, but when I got home I wanted to brush up on the topic so I pulled my trusty "Spacetime Physics" wanting the "twin paradox". But alas, I had to use the index. :)

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