The three forces pushing our energy policy HARD

Three powerful forces are pushing the first world toward alternative energy and energy efficiency:
  1. Prices - gas is getting very expensive, and this hurts every part of our economy.
  2. Politics - petro dollars empower some of the most extreme countries in the world, our enemies.
  3. Climate change - there is increased acceptance that people are affecting the world's climate, and not in a good way.
I believe that businesses and people will respond by living more efficiently and seeking less expensive alternatives: living closer to work, walking and biking more, consuming less. I also hope that alternative, renewable, cleaner fuels like solar, biodiesel and ethanol get more attention. The bright side is that there is a fortune to be made during this tectonic shift. And it's a fortune fueled primarily by technological innovation, which the US (knock on wood) still has in heaps.

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