Buzz: some useful tools.

  1. Online backup $5/mo.
  2. Shared folders - free (for now).
  3. Remote control for sysadmin work, whatever - free. LogMeIn
  4. Remote control - free. CrossLoop.
  5. Painless VPN (great for tunneling games, CVS access, etc) - free. Hamachi
  6. NetBeans - Eclipse really kicked it's ass, and they're learning. Better JEE, Swing support than Eclipse.
  7. Glassfish - Sun's best piece of software ever?
  8. Google docs - free, zero install, Office collaboration.
  9. Google reader - a very good rss aggregator.
  10. The best blogging tool ever, scribefire.
  11. Some other stuff I haven't tried: CamStudio MWSnap
Some of these I found out about through friends, others through Slashdot, and still others through Extremetech and various miscellaneous online forums.

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