Scrap theory

When people love to do stuff, they can't stop doing it. Since 90% of everything is crap (Sturgeon), that means that people who love to do stuff generate a lot of crap. Or scraps. In the sense of a woodworker makes scraps, or perhaps more in the sense of the failed prototypes. When the scraps are information (ideas, writing, songs, art, programs), the internet is a good dumping ground for them. After all, one persons scraps is another persons treasure.

I daresay that "scrap theory" itself qualifies as a scrap of sorts. :)

Anyway, if you believe this is true, then it's all the more reason to be fearlessly creative. It's also a good reason to be open and non-proprietary about your creations. Share them! Let them out! And if your not sure about what you love to do, then check out the scraps that you leave behind you in your life.

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