Zotero Firefox extention for tracking and attributing research

I think this is a neat idea. It looks like it's oriented toward academics, but I think it could be handy for anyone doing lots of research on the net (which includes most web developers). And for web developers it may have the happy side-effect of making them more aware of the people behind the tools and technologies they are researching. Perhaps future generations of developers won't suffer from this ailment, but 20- 30-something developers seem to want to treat software as "nameless faceless products". In reality, every piece of software, especially in open source, has a personality behind it. Well, at least all the successful ones. :)

Zotero :: Firefox Add-ons
Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources...

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