iPhone SDk released - let the fun begin!

You can go here or here to get the ball rolling. The site is experiencing heavy traffic, needless to say, so there may be delays. But the process is simple:
  1. Get an apple id (you should already have one if you have an iPhone - it's usually your email address)
  2. Sign up as an iPhone developer.
  3. Click on the link in the signup confirmation email
  4. Wait patiently for Apple's servers to unmelt.
(I wonder if they considered going with Akamai for this rollout?)

The first thing I will write for the iPhone is a meditation timer. It will have the following features:
  1. Gong or chant alarm sound
  2. No repeat option. (e.g. just sound once)
  3. Volume selection. (e.g. sound quietly)
  4. Brightness option.
  5. "Don't turn off the display" option. (sometimes it's nice to peak)
  6. "touch anywhere on the screen to shut off" option
  7. Multi-alarms (such as 60 then 5 minutes - useful for some kinds of meditations).
Meditation timers should be quiet, shouldn't repeat, and should be easy to turn off. The default timer is none of these things. It should also support custom sounds.

The next thing I'd like to write is an interface to the MINI's navigation system. :)

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