Meditation in an isolation tank?

The thought occurred to me that meditation in an isolation tank would be an excellent opportunity for the mind to focus on the subtlest of sensations, and on the mind itself. In the next few weeks I plan on hiring a tank for 90 minutes (there's a location in Venice that offers this servuce), and see what it's like. I'll be sure to report back my findings. (it's heartening to me that people like Richard Feynman found the experience useful).


Isolation Tank said...

I look forward to your report. I've been fascinated with the isolation tank experience since 1999 when I tried it out of curiosity and discovered that it caused the release of such a large burst of endorphins that I was euphoric for a couple hours after the float session was over. Also, I felt like I was walking in low gravity.

A couple years later, I returned to the isolation tank in a last ditch effort to find a natural cure for the debilitating sciatic pain I had been experiencing as a result of a pinched nerve in my lower back. I hadn't slept in nearly a week because I was in so much pain. Pain meds, chiropractic care, massage therapy, hydrotherapy - all had failed me. But within 45 minutes of entering the isolation tank, I was pain-free and my flexibility had returned. I continue to float once a year for maintenance, but I float much more often for the other benefits, including meditation.

It's almost unfair how much easier it is to meditate in an isolation tank. To be fair, the first 30-40 minutes of an hour session can be somewhat tedious as your brain gets used to the low gravity environment while also trying to fill the void that is created by the sensory deprivation (itchy nose is typical, but don't get saltwater in your eyes!!). But once your brain transitions from beta through alpha to theta (typically around 40 minutes), that's when meditation becomes as natural as breathing. This is based on my 9 years of experience (100s of float sessions) as well as the experience of dozens of people I've talked to about their isolation tank experience.

p.s. Suggestion - don't caffeinate before your float session.

josh said...

Very cool. I am very much looking forward to a unique experience.