Wanted: Firefox Session Manager

Let's say you have 2 (or even 3) accounts on the same website, and you need to do something with both. How can this work?
  1. You can login to account 1, get some info, login to account 2, do something; repeat as necessary.
  2. You can use two different kinds of browsers; e.g. Firefox and Safari, and login to account 1 on Firefox and account 2 on Safari.
  3. You can tell your browser, on a per-tab basis, which credentials to use for the site.
#1 is what I observe most people to do, and I've even done it when working on machines that only had one browser type installed. #2 is the workaround that I use. It's actually quite a fine workaround because in this scenario, it's usually about moving information from one account to another, so the lack of a "comfy" UI in the "off browser" isn't critical. #3, though, is ideal. One small problem: it doesn't exist.

Sure, there are plenty of password managers and macro recorders for Firefox. But these only make #1 a bit easier by storing and automatically entering user credentials. But most websites will first check a digest authentication token and only prompt for a username/password pair if that token is missing or invalid.

A (site, username, password) triple isn't enough. We need (site, username, password, token(s)). (Note that (username, password) pair is strictly optional, but username is very useful for identifying the cookies you want to use.)

Since I have to put the kabosh on my iPhone Meditation Timer (I tried to score a Powerbook from work, but it didn't happen), I suppose this is a good alternative.

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