Announcing my new band: Anatano!

I was supposed to be in Mexico building a house for some poor people. But at the last minute I discovered that my Passport expired, which left me with some free time. But it left me feeling a bit restless, and I needed a todo list. Here is part of it:
  1. Send in those warranties
  2. File 2007 taxes
  3. Do the laundry
  4. Clean the kitchen
  5. Make a grilled cheese sandwich
  6. Put some original music on the web.
The last one is rather important, because apart from a (rather lame) video of me playing piano with terrible audio, I've put nothing of my work on the web. I think that's too bad.

But that has now changed.

Please do not have high expectations. This was strictly an exercise in getting the sounds from point a to point b. I expect that my process will change, and so will the music once I get used to my cool new tools (well, kinda new). [Basically I played into Ableton which recorded both MIDI and audio, then added some warmth to the whole track with an effect, exported as WAV, opened with Audacity to snip out the piece I wanted, add the fade out, and save as mp3. I then uploaded to googleapps, and linked to it from this blog post. Easy as pie! :P]

The track is titled "piano doodle" because it's typical of what happens when I sit at the piano. I pick a theme and start playing with it, experimenting as I go. Eventually the idea is to extract the goodness(es), add some layers, and actually make a song. But for now, this is it. I think there are pieces which are quite good, some which are quite bad, and some of it's just boring. But it's online. Yay!

Feedback is appreciated (both on sound quality and composition).

(The next step is to figure out how to embed a Flash mp3 player. I tried to embed XSPF, but the instructions are broken, and strictly speaking this wasn't on my todo list. However, I've created a new "band" on myspace, and uploaded there. :)

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