Blog as Backup - A 21st century invention

Dear blog readers,

Some of you may have noticed a huge slew of posts yesterday, and may be wondering "wassup".

Basically in preperation for a full system restore on my tablet (I was fairly convinced it was rootkitted), I published a bunch of blog posts yesterday that had been stored in draft.

"Blog as Backup" is a dangerous approach to publishing. These posts need even more editing than my posts usually do, which is saying an awful lot. I'm not sure if I'll every get around to it.

Why is the blog backup useful? It's useful when publishing is the easiest way to save something on a remote machine. I could have copied the contents of these posts into a draft email message, or even published them as "drafts". But I've learned that my blogger drafts may as well be "extended trash can". And I can't search them. So, as embarrassing as it is, these posts are here for me. It's also useful because now those posts are searchable by me.

More and more I find myself referring to my blog as a reminder of interesting things. It's actually really really useful for that purpose, because I find I can search over my own writing much more effectively than the generic internet. I suspect I'm not alone in sometimes indexing useful ideas against meaningless but memorable phrases like "you heard a shit sandwich". (Snopes says this to Paypal when Paypal claims aspartame causes cancer in a hilarious "" video.)

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