TV: Who knew post-apocolyptic America would be Boring?

If the TV show Jericho is to be believed, post-nuclear-war America is pretty darn boring. No mutants, no extended stays in bomb shelters, or ethical quandaries over whether to resort to cannabalism. Cell phones work, people are generally well fed, and it's business as usual in the world of Jericho.

Someone please tell me: what's the point?

(Another huge problem is the writing. The two episodes that I've seen, some bad guy named Getz was killed despite the warnings from some military colonel that "revenge killings will not be tolerated". It was an act of passion of some guy who's sister Getz killed - that made dramatic sense. What did not make sense was how the "rebels" strung Getz up on a tree on a major road. Why didn't they disappear Getz's body? He had just been fired from his job,and there was bound to be uncertainty over his whereabouts, and they could have, at least, gained time with the colonel, and at best avoided the complication entirely. Then, when the sheriff offers himself the colonel with "terms" that if he surrender he lets the rest of the rangers go...and duh, the colonel just took the sheriff, without the terms. That was just half-bad writing - the colonels reaction was right, but the sheriff's action was just silly. And that's inconsistent with the rest of the sheriff's character.)

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