Thus Spoke Zarathustra & Mein Kampf

I've recently set the Wikipedia Main Page as my home page. It generally has a lot of random, useful, useless, but always fascinating articles.

For example, this is the anniversary of the publication of Hitler's Mein Kampf. It also turns out that Nietzche's sister (Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche) was a fierce antisemite, knew Hitler. The Mein Kampf article has a link to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, as well as making some interesting points.

First, Thus Spoke Zarathustra "Nietzsche himself described the work as 'the deepest ever written'."

The deepest ever written? Unlikely. But it does present an interesting question of "what is meant by 'deep'"? My instinct tells me that the deepest thing one can write is a contradiction. Then one can spend lots of time explaining why it's not.

Eventually I want to read Zarathustra.

Mein Kampf accepts "propaganda as an adequate rational technique to control the seemingly irrational behaviour of crowds". Wow. Why did Hitler have so much popular support if he declared outright that he'd manipulate the public?

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