The bright side of Hammas

Despite what you may read in articles like this:
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel rejects soldier deadline

Hammas is interesting because their name sounds a lot like a tasty mediterranean dish called "Hummus". Personally, I think everyone would be happier if both the Israelis and Hammas started making Hummus and stopped killing. (Unfortunately, 'Israel' doesn't sound like any tasty dish that I know of).

Here is a good, standard hummus recipe:

Basically hummus is garbonzo beans (aka chickpeas), tahini (like peanutbutter but made from sunflower seeds - a unique taste!), and other stuff, most important being lemon juice (IMHO). Often roasted pine nuts and olive oil are sprinkled on top, mainly for looks. People have experimented adding other flavors, like peppers of various sorts, but really this is the best.

It is particularly easy to prepare, as all you have to do is blend or food process the whole thing. I wonder how they did it before food processors? I would guess either they used a human-powered form of food processor, or somehow softened up the garbonzos such that they could be easily mashed into a smooth paste.

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