DHL - our phone number is secret!

Quite remarkably, a DHL 800 number operator refused to give me the phone number of the local DHL shipping station, but would happily give me the address:

2828 Junipero ave. signal hill, ca 90755 - Google Maps

I wasn't here to sign for a shipment, and because tomorrow is a holiday, I really wanted to get the package today. From experience, I know that if you call the local shipping station they can sometimes have the driver swing by again the same day.

"I'm sorry sir, but I can't give you the phone number," the operator said. This was just business as usual. She sounded neither bored, nor sad, nor angry.

"Why can't you give me the phone number?" I asked.

"For security purposes. They will give you a call," reminding me that they had *my* phone number, "and perhaps they will choose to give you their phone number. There's nothing wrong with that. Would you like me to request a local pickup?" She ended. I marvelled at the tacit approval she gave to the local station giving me their own number. As if, without that encouragment, I would be tempted to call her back and 'inform' on the local DHL folks.

I hesitated. Did a quick internet search. Didn't find a number. "Sure," I answered, distracted now with solving this puzzle.

I will go an pick up my package, retrieve this secret number, and post it on my blog for future reference. Businesses can be so silly!


Anonymous said...

I agree...and why we can't pick up packages on Saturday (they are openfor dropoffs), I'll never's the local DHL number for Junipero in Signal Hill/Long Beach:


Holly said...

Thanks to whoever posted the number, I live in Huntington Beach and the closest office is Signal Hill??? Not to mention if you aren't home during the week, why can't you pick it up on a Saturday? People are there. I tried the number and of course no one picked up. I asked for the number of the driver, and of course they said they didn't have it. I am sure the drivers just drive around all day with no way to communicate with the office.I recommend not using DHL. Hopefully I get my package sometime before I leave the country.

Anonymous said...

The number posted - 562-989-1126 - is apparently reserved for emergencies.

When I dialed the number the receptionist was upset and bewildered at how I had the number. But she did verify they had my package at their signal hill facility.

Was pretty funny actually.

Anonymous said...

Well DHL apparently fucked me too, they shipped my package to a completely different address, when my address was clearly marked in the system and on the package. This really boils my blood, so I contacted DHL C.S. and they gave me a bullshit run around story. I asked for the DHL stations phone number that was handling the delivery and the POS refused to give it to me well needless to say this pissed me off.

I did some digging around and here is that number in case anyone else needs it.

11135 Woodley Ave
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 368-3646

Also I would love it if everyone who had this problem would post the station numbers they deal with. These pricks at DHL will not get away with this type of negligence, they only do it because they know you can't call them up and bitch at them. If their number was public I'm willing to bet these types of mishaps would be reduced.

Amy Johnson said...

Does anyone have a regular old 800 number for DHL???

josh said...

1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)

Anonymous said...

Well, i work with dhl and they provided us with all the numbers they have, If anyone needs a phone number or adress for a location in there state, Feel free to email me at

Anonymous said...

I just have to say thank you to whoever left the signal hill dhl number. I have been searching the internet for it dhl is slow and stupid and they won't give out distribution center numbers i will never use then again.