Jugglers and the ridiculously talented Human Race

Google video has some footage of a juggler named Chris Bliss:

First of all, this is an amazing performance, an interpretation of the Beatle's "Golden Slumbers" and "Carry that Weight" from Abbey Road. The music is itself wonderful, but the skill with which Mr. Bliss moves those white spheres through space definitely adds to the (already considerable) magic of the music.

But almost as importantly, this clip serves as yet another stunning example of the incredibly talented Human Race, which, thanks to the internet (and specifically resources like YouTube and Google Video) are only now getting widespread acclaim. To a certain degree, blogging has already highlighted the fiercely creative and talented writers floating around, and has eaten a little bit of traditional publishing's lunch. Now, the same thing is poised to happen with performance art, thanks to high-speed internet access.

What is wonderful about this evolution is that traditional media is getting better. A lot better. Pick up a newspaper these days: it's timely, useful, and tightly written. It's also easy to read (physical paper tends to be that way) and highly portable. The unique strengths of traditional media are growing because the things which are universal (raw information dissemination) are now known to be secondary. This can only mean good things for information consumers like you and me.

UPDATE: poking around Mr. Bliss's website, I found that he is no amateur, nor is he a stranger to exposure. Be that as it may, I reckon his exposure will increase dramatically thanks to Google Video.

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