Zune and the triumph of the Biased Product Review

Zune really isn't that interesting to me: I own an iPod and am fairly happy with it. (It could stand to drive my Sennheiser headphones a bit better, though).

What is interesting is the oppurtunity this affords a biased media, and the revelation that, frankly, the readership doesn't care one way or the other.

Here's a comment about the iLounge Review: "You can call [the review] biased if you want, but like it or not, Jeremy nailed the reality of the current situation right squarely on the head. Great article."

So really, iPod advocates like "lancetx" don't really care about bias as long as they agree with it.

I am bothered more by this irresponsible attitude than any specific position on any specific topic, be they political or technical. Bias is not acceptible whether you agree with it or not. Indeed, agreeable bias should be unacceptable because eventually it weakens an otherwise sound position.

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