Let's avoid giving too much credit to Iraqi hoodlums

When I read articles like this one I shake my head. "Coordinated attack by insurgents" makes it sound like these peddlers of senseless violence are more than ignorant thugs. I am against using words like "assault" and saying that the "timing is significant". These people are filled with ignorance and hatred and the timing is dictated by the ebb and flow of emotion more likely than not.

The preemptive invasion of Iraq was wrong, but the reaction of the Iraqi people to the overthrow of Saddam has been even more foolish. Instead of accepting billions of dollars of aid (handed to them on a platter curtesy of we American taxpayers) and a helping hand to freedom, they decide that now that daddy's out of the house it's time to play that same game that's held the region back for centuries, but has only recently been given the "American Idol" treatment. The game is called "kill my muslim brother" and now it's done not just for personal hatred, but for kicks and a desire to be famous. The arab world may not embrace western values in general, but they sure have embraced the whole "stardom" thing.

There is no sense in the violence going on; not even bad sense. Iraqis could have made the best out of a bad situation, accepted huge gifts from America (yes, even with some strings), and instead have abandoned all self-restraint to indulge in an orgy of atrocious violence.

Grow up, Iraq. Mohammad would be ashamed of you all.

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