Potato-Chips for the Mind

I'm going to blog about not using my computer.

For the next 2 weeks I will only use a computer to:
  1. Message once a day. This includes email, aim, and snail mail.
  2. Look up a phone number, address, or map (yellowpages).
  3. Create something - (song, story, art, etc)

(I was tempted to add "To learn about a specific subject" but I think that would be too risky. That's what the public library is for.)

All computer usage will be blogged. This inlcudes the content of whatever I create.

I was walking along the beach tonight and realized, I'm tired of the news. It gets me down because it seems like things are getting worse for the first time in my life. Things in general seemed to be getting better for so long, I kind of took it for granted that it would continue. The amount of violence is appalling. In addition, I'm tired of getting sucked into long bouts of surfing that seem fun at the time but leave me feeling empty. The internet is like a giant bag of impossible-to-resist mental potato-chips, and my mind needs something more nutritious.

Certain practical aspects of this experiment have yet to be decided. That is as it should be.

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