The Caledonia

The Caledonia
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Sailing her from Oceanside to Alamitos Bay this Sunday. Should be an

easy cruise: head out about 5 nm west from Oceanside, turn NW (to

about 300 m) and go another 45 nm. (The 5 nm jog is to avoid the coast

but also to avoid the restricted area around Camp Pendleton).

She requires a bit of work, but a great platform.

UPDATE: The trip up to Long Beach frankly could have gone better! I was sick all the way up, a minor stomache flu thing was not happy happy at all about the boat motion, and I was hurling every 45 minutes or so. At the beginning it was no biggie, I'd feel it coming, lean over the side, get it done, and enjoy the sail. And believe you me, it was a fantastic day for sailing. This boat was doing a cool 7 knots in 14 knots of wind and 5 foot seas. However, as the day wore on, I got more tired and my mood started to be affected. That's when the real misery began, when I started feeling sorry for myself. To give me some credit, I was probably badly dehydrated after 13 hours of vomiting, not to mention that I felt like I'd been repeatedly kicked in the abdomen. I have to say though that when your over thirty and you feel like crying because of the way your body feels, it makes you appreciate your good health all the more when it's over.

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