How Big is the Solar System?

In his article How Big is the Solar System? Guy Otwell demonstrates the vast scales and emptiness in our own solar system. He picks a scale that allows the solar system to be modelled in a way that the planets are visible without having to walk for miles to see each one. (The traditional "football stadium" model has the Sun as a quarter in the center of the field with the planets microscopic dots, and that's no fun).

There is a bit of debunking - "The planet walk is an antidote to the "scientific" school of astrologers, who suggest that the planets disturb particles in our bodies. When one can visualize how remote these planets are, it is easy to understand that the nearest of them, Venus, when nearest to us, has the same gravitational or tidal effect as a truck 14 miles away, or a high-rise building 300 miles away."

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