Creating an iPhone Ringtone from a Youtube Video

XKCD makes an excellent point:

The question becomes: how do I get a ringtone like this? First, find a good source. YouTube has a good source for mosquito sounds, although SoundCloud might be a better option, YouTube has a much wider selection.

Now the question becomes: how to get that sound on my phone as a ringtone. There are many ways to do it. The cleanest way is to install an audio router, such as sunflower (for OSX). However, this isn't something I'll want to do all the time, and the sound quality doesn't really matter that much to me, so I decided to do the simple thing and record computer speaker output with the Voice Memo app on the iPhone. Here's how it worked:

  1. Record the audio with your iPhone Voice Memo app.
  2. Sync to iTunes
  3. Use GarageBand (which is system software) to import the audio file, set the loop, and modify. Instructions on how to do this are available inside GarageBand help - Select Help from the menu and then search for "ringtone".
  4. In iTunes, select your iPhone and then select "Tones" from the psuedo-tabs. If you're like me, you never click on this and it's easy to miss.
  5. Click the "Sync Tones" box.
  6. Select your tone.
  7. Hit the "Apply" Button
  8. In your iPhone, go to Settings|Sounds and select your ringtone!
  9. Profit!
Personally, I think it would be stellar for Apple to add the ability to add a "Use Voice Memo as a ringtone" function right on the phone, without having to go through all of these steps. You could put it in the "Share" menu. Are you listening, Apple? :)

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