How to solve "cannot connect" problem with VMWare Fusion after Migration Assistant

'The problem:
I recently used the Migration Assistant to move my applications and data over to
the a new machine from my old MacBook.

Everything works fine, except for VMWare Fusion. When I attempt to start either
my Windows XP or Ubuntu images, VMWare complains, "vmware fusion cannot
connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you have access rights..." and
so on.

I did a search through your knowledge base for both the error message
and "migration assistant". No luck. I did a Google search too, and there
are many people with this same problem. The resolution that apparently
works is to reinstall VMWare. But I figure I'd check with you first.

Here's the answer from tech support (which was rather prompt!):
You may need to reinstall Fusion but hopefully not just yet.
Try these steps first to repair the permissions of the virtual machine filles:

1. Log in as a user with administrative rights.
2. Navigate to Documents->Virtual Machines (or wherever you saved your VM files)
3. Right-click the .vmwarevm file that corresponds to the name of the virtual machine you want to work with and choose "Get Info".
4. Unlock the padlock at the bottom of the window using your administrator password.
5. From "File & Extension" remove the .vmwarevm extension.
6. Close the "Get Info" window. This file now displays as a folder.
7. Right-click the folder and choose "Get Info"
8. Under "Sharing & Permissions" beside your user name and "Everyone" ensure the Privilege is set to "Read & Write".
9. Click the gear next to + - at the bottom of the window and choose "Apply to enclosed items".
10. From "File & Extension" re-add the .vmwarevm extension to the end of the file name.
11. Close the "Get Info" dialog.
12. Restart your Mac.
13. Launch VMware Fusion and run the virtual machine.

If your issue has been resolved by this email please let me know.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by responding to this email.


Kellan Adamson
Desktop Technical Support Specialist
Global Support Services
VMware Inc.
Here's my answer, based on the above:
  1. Start Terminal
  2. cd Doc[tab]/Virt[tab] (should yield something like cd Documents/Virtual\ Machines.localized/)
  3. chmod -R o+rw *.vmwarevm

It works!


Chris said...

Also migrated to new mach book, all worked fine but VMWare.
I tried the recommended steps Kellan suggested. But it didnt work.
Have never tried to use terminal for any issues and am a bit scared.
Is this the solution:
1. Start Terminal
2. cd Doc[tab]/Virt[tab] (should yield something like cd Documents/Virtual\ Machines.localized/)
3. chmod -R o+rw *.vmwarevm
COuld I srew something uop?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried what you suggested both in Getinfo and terminal. still I have that problem! what else can I do to solve this problem? thanks/Faramarz

c said...

Ive had this problem since upgrading from SL to Lion on my late 2008 unibody MBP. Tired all of the above but its still not working any ideas ?

c said...

I've had this problem since upgrading from SL to Lion. Tried all of the above still not working. Any ideas ?