Ironman: a movie study in bad taste

First, I like the idea of Ironman. It's a kind of romp, subtly criticizing the superhero genre for all it's juvenile testosterone laden fantasies.

But the timing could not be worse. Robert Downey Jr.'s character is taken captive by Middle Eastern bad guys and forced to build a missile. But instead he builds a robotic suit that helps him escape.

Excuse me, but there's enough bad blood between the West and the Middle-East right now, thank you very much. We have enough negative portrayals of Arabs and Muslims already. We don't need any more. And no, I don't care if this is a "work of fiction." It still sucks.

Actually what would be socially useful would be more peaceful movies about Middle Eastern cultures (and good heavens, there's more than Arabs over there!) - about families and individuals who resist violence in their own lives.

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