Idea: Google Calendar-to-iPhone synchronization on Windows.

The problem has already been solved on the Mac. Apart from being inaccessible to Windows users, it is not the ideal solution.

There are three ways to approach the problem for Windows users:
  1. Google Calendar -> iCal -> Outlook -> iTunes -> iPhone (Google Calendar supports the iCal data standard)
    1. Pros: Simple to do if you know VBA; has utility outside of the iPhone sync problem.
    2. Cons: Keeps you tied to two proprietary pieces of software; probably fragile; requires two steps to sync.
  2. Google Calendar -> iCal -> iTunes -> iPhone
    1. Pros: eliminates the two-steps to sync problem; reduces amount of local software
    2. Cons: hard to implement (I don't know how to extend iTunes, although iTunes has been extensively modified)
  3. Google Calendar -> iCal -> iPhone
    1. Pros: eliminates the need for a PC entirely
    2. Cons: very hard to implement (possibly even illegal to implement, if Apple continues to insist on their ridiculous claim to control the iPhone); not appropriate for users who still want to use Outlook.
The third option is the best for me - if I can remove Outlook from my computer, that's all to the good. It is not the best for people who want to use Outlook.

I'm almost certain that people at Google and Apple are working on this. After all, it's very similar concept to the iPhone's wonderful Maps integration (Google provides the great service, Apple provides the pretty interface). However, if they aren't, there's an opportunity for someone to address a real need. I would probably pay $30 for this.

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