Pope Bendict XVI's Speech that caused the furor

Here is the speech.

Once again I am exasperated by the violent Muslim response. Personally, I think the quote was used in poor taste and was indeed inflammatory. But that doesn't really matter: they are *words*. They aren't even words used to set policy for dealing with or ruling Muslims. They were thoughtless and insensitive, no matter if they were quoted, but they are not worth killing nuns over.

The very essence of civilization is the ability to react nonviolently to the things that other people do or say that we don't like. With the Danish cartoons and now with this, many Muslims, including those in power who should know better, have shown that they don't understand how to be civilized. These uncivilized violent reactions shame Islam, Muslims, and the Prophet infinitely more than what even the most virulent detractor has to say about the religion. A restrained reaction speaks volumes about a group's character. So does a violent reaction.

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