New Insights into George W. Bush

I've long held that GWB is not an evil man, that he is obviously not very intelligent, and well meaning in his way. I've lauded his boldness and even his stubbornness. I've also criticized his unwillingness to admit error or failure.

A combination of recent events has led me to change my mind. I believe that GWB is so extraordinarily ignorant as to present a serious danger to himself and his nation. This is a man who repeatedly demonstrates a single-minded determination to destroy the USA.

He wants warrantless wiretaps of Americans. He wants to sanction American torture.

This is a man who does not understand the concept that, like any human institution, is potentially abusive and therefore it's power must remain in check. There is no self-examination evident - there is only "we want more power and authority and leeway to protect the American people." Protect the American people AT ANY cost. Including the cost of losing our freedom, our liberty, and our pride at being American.

The current news item is this: GWB has called his own intelligence reports "naive" that claim that the war in Iraq is causing more harm than good; check out this story: Dubya labels his own intelligence info 'naive'

This president needs to be impeached immediately for 1) initiating the first pre-emptive war in American history, 2) repeated violations of the Geneva Convention (and attempting to legitamize these breaches in US court), and 3) repeatedly attempting to circumvent the United States Constitution (warrantless wiretapping) in his single-minded, rabidly focused goal of "protecting the American people."

This man is a danger to himself and others, and he must be stopped.

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