Imogen Heap's Cyborg Piano

This actually sounds really neat, and useful! Hey Imogen, can I have one?

Imogen Heap Interview: "This is a ridiculous thing, it’s a dream of mine to have this cyborg piano, which looks like a piano but it’s not. I love playing the piano live, a real piano, I hate playing a keyboard on a stand in front of 1000 people. I hate that, it’s so embarrassing, I just look like a stick insect stuck behind this piece of plastic. But at the same time I need a keyboard, because I need to trigger off all my stuff. So, in the beginning, if I have to tour the States or whatever, I won’t be able to afford a band so I was thinking how can I do it all by myself, and have a piano, and have all the laptops. So I’ve got this company who do the sets for Star Wars and Troy, and they’re making this white piano that looks like wood, but it’s not. And where the music stand would be is a flat screen, and there is a weighted keyboard that you can also MIDI up and is triggerable, and a Starship Enterprise main seat with all the gadgets and everything built into it. Then on the side of the piano, where there’s a curve, it’s going to be made of a frosted, see-through, plastic coating, and each note on the keyboard is gonna have a corresponding light, so when I play the piano you’ll see the lights move exactly as when I play the notes. And then, inside, when the piano opens up there’s gonna be little lights projected onto it, and a big white light that floods out from underneath the piano… it’s gonna look wicked."

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