How to Install Java 8 on OSX

As usual, the instructions on how to install Java 8 on OSX are really, really bad if you start from a search for "install java 8 osx". You get a page hopefully entitled Java 8 Installation for OSX. I invite you to click on that link, and read what that page has to say. There are only internal links, no links to anything you can download.

Frustrated, I went to plain-old oracle, where I had to navigate through drop-down menus to oracle/java. Since Java 8 was just released, I expected to see something obvious. After searching through the visual clutter, I clicked on Java SE 8 is Now Generally Available. Again, so much visual clutter, but my 'downloadar' was going off - I was getting closer! Download buttons! Finding JDK 8 I got to a download page, where you have to click a "license agreement" bullet (is that even legally binding?) and finally, the bits, which I put on dropbox for my future convenience.

Eureka! This visual clutter was difficult to find!

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